The Ironmen Foundation provides scholarships for the
children of our fallen U.S. warriors.

Our new fund raising project is called "Dress Blues".


The Ironmen Foundation will build and auction
this truck to provide scholarships for the
children of fallen U.S. warriors.

Our heroes have suffered.
Their children have suffered, too. 

Did you see our first project?
It was a 1932 Ford roadster we called
the "Metal of Honor"?
(see Metal of Honor page)


Now, our all-volunteer army is beginning our second Fund Raising Hot Rod. 
It is a 1934 Ford pick up truck unlike any pick up truck Ford ever built.
It's a "phantom" truck with a totally custom cab fitted to a totally
custom bed and, when complete, it will be uncommonly cool.

Lo and behold, this baby will have a brand new
Chevrolet ZZ5 small block engine in front
of a custom 4L60E transmission