"Metal of Honor" and "Dress Blues"
Unique vehicles designed and built to honor
our heroes 
and benefit their children

Metal of Honor logo
                                                   by Robert Horn                                                     
                                                                           Original Design
                                                                                          by John Caswell

Our first fund-raising project was dubbed, "Metal of Honor".
The 1932 Ford Roadster gained lots of attention and notoriety once it was complete.

"Metal of Honor" was featured on Jay Leno's Garage
You can see this chance of a lifetime interview by clicking on the link below, or logging on to jaylenosgarage.com and seaching for Metal of Honor


Fred Rudy and Chuck Caswell on location at Jay's Garage in California.

And, eventually, that notoriety paid off at the
prestigious Barrett-Jackson/Scottsdale auction.

Images captured during the building of the "Metal of Honor" hot rod
Oct. 2009

The TCI rolling chassis arrived         The frame was immediately           The IronMen were all over it. 
at Custom Classics.                        prepared for paint.

Nov. 2009

Brookville Roadster body meets TCI frame.                Ford engine meets Bowler trans meets          Design summit ... Minds on Metal.
Marriage made in heaven.                                       TCI chassis meets Brookville body.                                                                     
                                                                          All is right with the world.

Dec. 2009

How to make a Bowler trans better?             Measure twice, cut once ... either that or            Here's a new idea ... let's use a pizza tray
Grind off all those little casting marks.            live with one ugly firewall.                                  for the steering wheel.

Jan. 2010

We've got your back! Yes butt ...                Jed, clamp it.                                               All's weld that ends weld.

Feb. 2010
Best February ever! Valentine's Day fell on the same day as the Daytona 500. What could be better? Love was in bloom ... the smell of a dozen roses mingled with the aroma of 110 octane racing gasoline ... and Metal of Honor was starting to put on its game face. The month saw significant gains in fabrication. It was an outstanding month for another reason, too. A young man named Clifford Houser from Kimball, SD found out about the project through Vic Edelbrock's Facebook page and asked if he could come to Illinois to work on this "great project". We welcomed his enthusiasm to Custom Classics Restorations Feb 22 - 26. What's a 12-hour drive among new friends.

We asked Clifford to pose for a picture          What's wrong with this picture?                  FYI, the Classic Instruments Bomber Gauges
with the guys ... here's what we got.           Someone left the trunk open!                    look AOK.


The month started out on a solid note ...     TCI teamed up with Wilwood, Currie, Mullin     4 MHT/Foose wheels and Pirelli tread
the frame found its way to the paint booth.  and Super Bell to make one classy chassis.      round out the package.
Olive drab never looked so non-drab.


Spring is sprung, the grass is rizz ... do you know where your chassis is?

We created a false floor just before we       The Ford horses and Bowler gears were hitch-    A preview of  the Pirelli's foretold what's to
transported the chassis to Stainless Works    ed to the wagon before it made its trip to        come and go ... as in go-real-fast.
for the custom exhaust system.                  Ohio

Nearer my tour to thee.                            She's got a high class chassis                          And a "turn for the better" from Juliano's


Come together, right now ... over me


Freedom - courtesy of our American heroes.    The bombs bursting in air                        Power to the People ... right on!                    


Green, Green, it's Green they say ...


Wait until you see it in the buff!                            All's quiet on the western front.                           And, we keep grinding away.


Our Steering Committee ... Rob and Fred.          They also serve who supervise Rob & Fred                First show. We did it at Ididit.

November 2010

The wheels took a powder ... coat          Come together, right now ... over me. The shape of things to come.

December 2010

It is taking too long to finish the car. Volunteer workers can only work so many hours a week on the car. An anonymous donor senses our struggle and offers up a Matching Gift Challenge. The Challenge affords us the opportunity to finance the professionals at Custom Classics Restorations to finish the car

Electrifying!                                       Color me Beautiful                                   

Custom Classics' man Eric had the         No problem  ... American Autowire           
re-volting job of electrifying MoH          has a wire for every component    


January 2011

Symbollic of the Effort ...                                        Public Exposure ...                                            How Grand ...

Metal of Honor will get its own Emblem                     On January 22nd, Metal of Honor                       On the 28th a grand entrance at                 
designed by Robert Horn and                                   made its first Public Debut as a                          the Grand National Roadster Show
crafted in the studios of Mororhead Design House       completed car in the place where                      in Pomona, CA (thank you John Buck
It will grace the grille shell, wheel hubs, and horn        the whole idea started ... The                          for giving us the space at GNRS) where
button                                                                 Village Church of Barrington (Illinois)                    it received a removable top from Rodware,
                                                                                                                                               and passed muster with our Men in Uniform


February 2011

Don't forget the Motor City ...                               Inside job ...

Thanks to Bob Larivee Jr. and Bob Millard of             Just before we took the car to Detroit,
Championship Auto Shows, MoH was extended        John Mayer, at Ogden Top & Trim completed
an invitation to display our car and our cause            the interior. True to all the trick stuff in MoH
at this year's Autorama                                          the stitchin' is outstanding. Elegantly military


March 2011

Toddling Town Tribute ...                                    Called out on the carpet ...

MoH was shown to our hometown crowd              Every great car has its own custom carpet doesn't it?
at this year's World of Wheels.                             Scott Crawford designed ours and Custom Flooring Insets    
                                                                       put it all together for us. Whoever buys the car at
                                                                       Barrett-Jackson in Jan 2012, even gets the carpet.


Ask and ye will receive. Great way to recycle a another       Looking for a straight shootin' car dealer with a good heart? 
used box.                                                                     We'd strongly recommend you take a trip to Sioux Falls, SD where
                                                                                   you'll find Sioux Falls Ford has a huge spot in their hears for our American warriors
.                                                                                  Look for one of their trucks on a highway near you. It will be carrying the Metal of Honor.

Command Central.

You ain't been anywhere until you've been in Washington, D.C. on the 4th of July. The only way to top it? Get a prime spot in the middle of the National 4th of July Parade.

Staff Sgt. Martin Miles piloted the Metal of Honor down Constitution Avenue. The 17-time decorated Viet Nam, partially disabled veteran chauffered his son Dylan, a student at Rutgers University. Among other awards, Sgt. Miles holds claim to The Distinguished Service Cross for valor on the field of battle.

 A Distinct Military Honor
In 2008, 43 living Congressional Medal of Honor recipients affixed their signatures to the trunk of the "Metal of Honor" roadster. Heroes from WW II, Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan graced our car with their silver signatures.



Now, we begin a new chapter ...

It will be called,
"Dress Blues"
This 1934 Ford Pick Up Truck will be built by
volunteers entirely from donated parts.
It is destined for the auction block. Proceeds
will provide more scholarships for the children
of our slain and disabled American war heroes.